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I find creative inspiration in my work through vintage magazine ads, old family photographs, re-told stories, human interactions, music, and new scenery. I like to edit with a vintage, filmy sort of vibe that gives your photos that forever sort of feel. I want the photos I take of you to be printed, stored in memory boxes, and brought back out as conversation starters for your special memories. 



Hey guys, I am Brittany - the creator, artist, and connection specialist behind the lens. I value connection so much and personally read + respond to every email, inquiry, and DM. 

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In 2016 I started boudoir photography as a way to help women feel confident and good about themselves.

My family, I am a wife and mama to 3 and we live in central PA with our ragdoll + pittie.

I am an empath and deeply intuitive + if you’re into personality types: ENFP.

Iced lattes, fashion, traveling, music, decorating, writing, board games, a large body of water, dancing, and an excuse to dress up.

My husband, Zach is my main supporter and is also the guy on video when you book super 8 for your wedding day. 

In 2020 I shot my first wedding, and in 2021 I made my business official and went full time and all in… 

a story about a girl with a camera

I earned $50 for helping my dad when I was in elementary school, I went to Toys R Us and bought a pink barbie camera. I remember trips to Walmart with my mom where we would fill out those envelopes and drop our rolls of film in and send them off to be processed. The next time we came we would pick up our photos and drop off the new rolls. It’s funny to think that this is where I got started with photography.

My grandma got me a pink point and shoot camera when I was a teenager. So many of my memories as a teenager were with my camera in my hand. I would often style myself, my friends, and my siblings for random themed photoshoots many of which were inspired by Melanie Pullen. I also did a lot of photoshoot challenges of strangers and a VHS documentary once on the topic of “love”. 



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